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Geography 8

                                                  COURSE SYLLABUS
DEPT:  Social studies                                                       INSTRUCTOR: Gloria Nachreiner
COURSE TITLE U.S. History 8                                          OFFICE PH: (507) 794-7904
CREDITS: 1 credit                                                  
ACADEMIC YEAR: 2015-2016                                 (home)

1. ACADEMIC CONTENT: This course will begin with the Western Frontier of the late 1800’s to the present day United States. An emphasis will be placed on exploring key themes of each time period and how these themes have shaped or continue to shape the United States as a country today.
Method of presentation: Lecture with discussion type setting, reading, video and projects
Method of evaluation. Tests, projects, presentations, daily work, attendance and participation.
THIS COURSE IS USUALLY OFFERED:   First and econd Semester
Goals: What we’ll be doing
History 8 is a survey (overview) of United States history from the end of the Reconstruction Era (1877) to the present. We will be going beyond “high-school history,” with its emphasis on memorizing raw historical data, and examine the ways that professional historians learn about, interpret, and explain America’s past.
Objectives: What you’ll get out of this
 1.A structure of American history: HIST 8 will provide you with the basic
Structure of American History to 1877.
2.Improved critical thinking skills: HIST 8 will expose you to new ways of
Thinking about and interpreting the broad sweep of American history – of going beyond memorizing names and dates and figuring out why things happened the way they did.
3.Meet requirements: HIST 8 meets several important High school goals and requirements. And the Minnesota Standards.
4.Preparation for future study: HIST 8 will prepare you for the further study of American history, whether as a student in advanced courses here at Sleepy Eye High Schools or on your own.
5.Greater familiarity with historical sources: HIST 8 will introduce you to a wide range of historical sources, including photographs, newspapers, memoirs, advertisements, diaries, paintings, court records, Presidential tape recordings, and political cartoons.
6. Learning to think and behave like a professional: HIST 8 will introduce you to the ways that professional historians practice their craft.
LEARNING / TEACHING TECHNIQUES used in this course are:
** Collaborative learning
** Student presentations
** Lecture: Instructor will model new material
** Demonstrations
** Videos and audio tapes (when appropriate)
ASSIGNMENTS for this course include:
** Reading text in the classroom
** Individual and or collaborative projects
** Oral presentations
** Journal and or written assignments.
GRADE DETERMINATION:  Grades for this course are based on the following process and guidelines:
The following numerical scale will be used in computing grades:
94-100%A                                        Test         50%
93-90%A                                          -HW        20%
89-87%B+                                        Quizzes  15%
86-84%B                                          Notes      15%
 Students will be allowed to make-up one test missed due to absence.  Any other test missed will carry zero scores.  More than four class hours of absence will result in a one point lowered average.  
1. Be in your seat, on time and ready to work when the bell rings every day.
2. Bring all materials necessary for class each day (Before the bell rings!)
3. Follow all instructions as soon as they’re given.
4. AVOID interrupting others when they have been given the floor and the right to speak.
5. AVOID damaging the property or feelings of others.
(If you break the rules)1st. Time: I’ll warn you. (Please stop breaking the rules)
2nd Time: 1-hour detention
3rd Time: Removed from class. 2 hours of detention.
*The above applies to breaking rules within any one-class period and is subject to modification for consistently disruptive individuals.
1. Participate in Daily class Activities.
2. Keep an up to date notebook. It should include vocabulary terms, outline notes, notes from films, project instructions, etc. This notebook will be checked on a random basis.
3. Quizzes and tests will be given to students.
4. Reports and/ or various projects will be given and graded like tests.
5. Assignments should be turned in to the appropriate basket on time.