WWII Studies

Sleepy Eye School

2017-2018 School Year


World War II Studies



Instructor—Mr. Troy Vangsness


Description—This class will cover the causes, course, and implications of World War II, the biggest conflict of the 20th Century. In this course we will study the geographic areas involved, the major political, military and social events and some of the key individuals involved.  We will use many different ways to study these areas, including maps, drawings, cartoons, projects, videos, written works, group activities and other strategies.

Course Outline—

            Unit 1: The Rise of Fascism

            Unit 2: The Eastern Front

            Unit 3: Japanese Imperialism

            Unit 4: The Home Front

            Unit 5: March to Allied Victory

            Unit 6: WWII, Shaping the Modern World


Grading Scale--          90% - 100% A                          60% - 69% D

                                    80% - 89%   B                          Below 60% F

                                    70% - 79%   C


  1. Be Prepared!—Come to class ready to go! Every day you need to have your iPad, homework and a pen or pencil.
  2. Class Begins and Ends at the Bell—When the bell rings, you need to be in your desk ready to start class. Class ends at the bell, no earlier.
  3. Treat Everyone With Respect
  4. No Unexcused Tardies

Late Work— Every student is expected to turn their homework in on time. Late work isn’t accepted and will go on the STAT list.

Cheating— Cheating is an automatic 0 on an assignment or test. It is not accepted.