Cultural Diversity

Sleepy Eye School

2015-2016 School Year


Cultural Diversity



Instructor—Mr. Vangsness

Description—What is culture? And what is the culture of the United States? Our country is unique in that it is made up of several different cultures that have formed together to make a new one, while keeping parts of those earlier cultures intact. In this class, we will examine what the culture of the United States is, the long struggle of different groups in creating and maintaining their culture, as well as some of the other cultural struggles around the world. We will do this through in-class activities, film analysis, primary source analysis, amongst others.

We’ll start by looking at what culture is and all that in entails as well as what diversity is. As the semester progresses, we will look at different groups and areas of culture in our country and around the world to help us answer the question of what culture is.


Grading Scale--          90% - 100% A                          60% - 69% D

                                    80% - 89%   B                          Below 60% F

                                    70% - 79%   C



  1. Be Prepared!—Come to class ready to go! Every day you need to have your charged iPad, homework and a pen or pencil.
  2. Class Begins and Ends at the Bell—When the bell rings, you need to be in your desk ready to start class. Class ends at the bell, no earlier.
  3. Treat Everyone With Respect
  4. No Unexcused Tardies

Late Work— Every student is expected to turn their homework and projects in on time.

Cheating— Cheating is an automatic 0 on an assignment or test. It is not accepted.