7th Grade United States History

Sleepy Eye School

2016-2017 School Year


American History 7



Text—Discovering Our Past—A History of the United States, Appleby

Instructor—Mr.  Vangsness


Description—This class will cover American History from the about the beginning of our country all the way to the present. We will do this through a mixture of reading, written work, group work, and projects. This is a year-long course.

Course Outline—

            Unit 1: The New Republic

            Unit 2: Jefferson to Jackson

            Unit 3: The Growing Nation

            Unit 4: Civil War and Reconstruction

            Unit 5: America at the Turn of the Century

            Unit 6: Progressives to WWI

            Unit 7: 1920s-WWII

            Unit 8: Cold War America

            Unit 9: Second ½ of 20th Century to Today


  1. Be Prepared!—Come to class ready to go! Every day you need to have your iPad (CHARGED), folder, planner, and a pencil.
  2. Class Begins and Ends at the Bell—When the bell rings, you need to be in your desk ready to start class. Class ends at the bell, no earlier.
  3. Treat Everyone With Respect
  4. No Unexcused Tardies

Late Work— Every student is expected to turn their homework in on time. Late work will result in the student being placed on the STAT list.

Cheating— Cheating is an automatic 0 on the assignment or test. It is not accepted.