2nd Grade

These objectives are worked on all year.


  • Matching Pitch
  • Keeping a Steady Beat
  • Identifying and Performing an Ostinato (repeated rhythmic pattern)
  • Identifying Pitches using Solfege (Sol, Mi, Do, and La)
  • Identifying the Line Notes of the Treble Clef (E, G, B, D, F)
  • Identifying the Space Notes of the Treble Clef (F, A, C, E)
  • Identifying and applying key musical terms (Andante, Allegro, Moderato, Forte, Mezzo-Forte, Piano)
  • Anaylzing the Tempo, Dynamics, Instrumentaion, and Mood of important pieces by major composers

Digital Day Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dlwzuf67tU&feature=em-upload_owner