Due to the weather Sleepy Eye public schools will be closed Friday January 15th, and will have a digital day until 12:30 PM


Spelling Bee date has been changed to Wednesday, January 27th- Click here for more information

Geography Bee has been Cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Walkers are not allowed into the building.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Parents Please Read - MN Dept. of Health School Guide for Covid-19 - New Release -- 1/12/21


Livestream Indian Events All Year


Sleepy Eye Public Schools Virtual Learning Expectations


Sports Registration


Free Breakfast and Lunch for all Students






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Elementary Announcements

Elementary Announcements:

  Click here for:    News Team Video 

  • The Geography Bee that was planned for January 22nd has been cancelled


  • The Spelling Bee date has been changed to Wednesday, January 27th at 1:15 pm in the School Cafeteria.  Visitors/parents can not attend. The Spelling Bee will be live streamed.


  • RECYCLE YOUR HOLIDAY LIGHTS – Sponsored by Sleepy Eye YES! Team. Drop off sites include Sleepy Eye Ace Hardware, Schutz Family Foods, St. Mary’s Church & School,Sleepy Eye Public Schools, Trinity Lutheran Church and Brown County REA. Collection runs until Jan. 22, 2021. Drop off boxes are in the HS office and Elementary Lobby area.


  • Parents of virtual learners:
    If you are having connection or technology issues during the school day, please call the school's TECH DEPT directly at 507-794-7903, ext 1506 or ext 1105 for assistance.
    Mr. Cselovszki


  • Reminder to Parents: This is Urgent and very important to follow these guidelines:

     We need your help. If anyone in the family has COVID symptoms (including fever, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills, muscle pain, fatigue, new or very bad headache, new nasal congestion /stuffy or runny nose)  you should keep ALL household members home.  
    **** * If you or someone in your household is getting tested for COVID, all family members/ students need to stay home until the results have returned.
     If your child's stays home, Please report the absence and the situation to the school offices. Your child can begin classes virtually 24 hours after you notify the office.
     Again, If you, your child or any household member have symptoms or is being tested for COVID, ALL FAMILY MEMBERS NEED TO STAY HOME UNTIL YOU GET THE TEST RESULTS.


  • RECYCLE YOUR HOLIDAY LIGHTS – Sponsored by Sleepy Eye YES! Team. Drop off sites include Sleepy Eye Ace Hardware, Schutz Family Foods, St. Mary’s Church & School,Sleepy Eye Public Schools, Trinity Lutheran Church and Brown County REA. Collection runs until Jan. 22, 2021. Drop off boxes are in the HS office and Elementary Lobby area.


Calendar of Elementary Events:

           January 15: Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm
            January 18:   No School - Staff Development Day
           January 22: This will be  FULL DAY of school
             January 22: 4-8 grade Geography Bee- cancelled
          January 27:  5-8 grade Spelling Bee- pending- 1:15 pm
            February 5:   Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm
            February 11: Parent/Teacher Conferences - VIRTUAL
            February 12:   No School- Staff Development Day
             February 14:   Valentine's Day
         February 15:  NO School- President’s Day
             February 19:   Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm
             February 26:   Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm
             March 9:    Kindergarten Roundup - VIRTUAL

2020-2021 School Year Reminders:

  • Parents: This is an Urgent Message:   We need your help and cooperation.  Please keep in mind that it's critical for you to help the school and to keep your child home when they are sick.  If they have COVID symptoms you should also keep any household members/siblings home.  Please report your child's  absence and all symptoms to the school offices when they will miss school. If you, your child or household members are tested for COVID, each family member needs to stay home until you get the results.  Once you get the results,  please be sure to send the results to the school offices.  Your child can not return to school until the office receives the results. (Please do not send results to teachers).   We also need to stress that when you are given a return date from the Nurse's office or the Department of Health, you will need to follow that information and will not be able to send your child back to school earlier.  If you have questions about return dates, please contact the school nurse. With the increase of COVID cases in our county it is so important that you remain diligent in helping our school and our community be safe.
    I've attached a copy of the Center for Disease Control's Decision Tree.  Please use this as a guideline if you are not sure what to do.  You may also call the school nurse, Laurie at 507-794-7903, ext 1300, or myself at 507-794-7904, ext 1409 and we can assist you if you are not sure what to do.  We'd rather have you keep your child/ren home as a precaution then send them only to find out they need to go back home.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Let's help keep our school as safe and healthy as we can.
    Mr. Cselovszki




  • Parents of virtual learners:
    If you are having connection or technology issues during the school day, please call the school's TECH DEPT at 507-794-7903, ext 1506 or ext 1105 for assistance.  Mr. Cselovszki


  • Due to the COVID-19 regulations and CDC guidelines we are to limit non-essential visitors into the school building, as well as outside groups for the 2020-2021 school year. We are asking parents to drop off students and pick them up and please remain outside of the building.If you need to meet with your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher to set up an appointment ahead of time.Parents/visitors will not be allowed to go to the classroom during the school day.If you have an appointment arranged, you will need to wear a mask and be screened prior to entering the school.ECFE students will need to wait outside until the Teacher/Para meets you and your child outside the school entrance. You will not be allowed to bring your child to the classroom this school year.
  • We are also asking parents that if your child forgets something during the school day that it just wait until the next school day. Bringing forgotten items to school is strictly prohibited this school year. Reminder to Parents: Conduct a health screening each day before sending your child to school. Have you had any of the following symptoms since the previous day or the last time you were here that you can not attribute to another health condition?
  • Fever (100.4 or higher),  New or Worsening cough, Chills,  Muscle Pain,  Sore throat, Extreme Fatigue/feeling very tired,  Congestion, Difficulty breathing,  New loss of smell or taste, new, severe/very bad headache, Diarrhea,  Vomiting,  Nausea,  Shortness of Breath, Runny nose or congested nose.     If you answered YES to cough or shortness of breath, OR answered YES to at least two other symptoms- KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME and notified the school of your child's absence and then contact your Health Care Provider for further instructions


  • Note: Snacks(Birthday Treats) are provided by the school this year and students should not be bringing in their own snack/beverages to school. Only water bottles are allowed. Taher is also providing birthday treats this year and will deliver them to your child’s classroom. There is a fee for these items and they need to be ordered a week ahead of time.Please do not bring in outside treats for birthdays this year. Contact Taher at taher@sleepyeye.mntm.org

                          Have a great week!

    Ways you can help earn Money for Sleepy Eye Public Schools:
    • The Box Top program has changed.  Instead of clipping the box top from the product box, all you need to do is scan your receipt.  Please watch this video and pass it on to others to help Sleepy Eye School earn box top points. https://youtu.be/qWuXDKejVEg


    • Help Earn Money for SEPS.    Sign up for School Rewards today- Get signed up and start Helping Sleepy Eye Elementary School earn money now.   How it Works:  Log into moreRewards.com or the MORE Rewards mobile app to designate your preferred school or childcare facility.   Shop Coborn's, Cash Wise, and Marketplace Foods stores for our store brands (Food Club, Full Circle, Top Care, @ease, Paws, Tippy Toes, and more!) to earn points for your school. There are more than 3,000 qualifying items! The points your school earns will help grow their share of the $150,000 total. It's like a pie - the size of your school's slice will depend on how many points they have received. Schools should encourage their supporters to register for their location at www.moreRewards.com.


    • The Sleepy Eye Basketball Boosters are proud to announce "CANS FOR BOOSTERS".  We now have a 15 yard container for all your aluminum cans.  It's located behind the Sleepy Eye Public School in the parking lot.  Not only are you recycling your cans, you are supporting your very own Sleepy Eye Basketball teams/programs.  Bring your aluminum cans and just throw them in the container. Start saving your aluminum cans today and help support the HOMETEAM!!!!!


    • ECFE – Sleepy Eye School SCRIP Fundraiser: You can purchase gift cards each month and also help support the ECFE program at the same time.You pay the exact amount for the gift cards you want and each of those businesses gives back a percentage to the school.We will be accepting orders through the 10th of each month and the cards you purchase will be delivered within two weeks. An order form is available in the Community Education Office or in the Voluntary Pre-K classroom(Room 1320). Please complte the form and send it back to the Community Education Office or in the Voluntary Pre-K classroom(Room 1320) with your order and payment.   Please make payments out to ECFE- Sleepy Eye School.  There is an order going in February 1st- so check it out now. Questions, contact Pat Stevermer 507-794-7873 or LeAnn Helget 794-7904, ext 1320.  For Order Form, click here